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Year-round live Jazz concerts in the heart of Old Quebec! ​ Every Friday and Saturday from 8 pm to 11 pm.  8$ to 10$ cover charge

Intimate concerts year-round have been gracing the Clarendon’s Jazz Bar for more than 40 years.

Spectacular performances have been put on by icons like Diana Krall, Vic Vogel, Steve Amirault, François Marcaurelle, John Zorn and Michel Donato. Settle into a comfortable chair and soak up the warm and energetic ambience while listening to performers.

Plus, the ambience is perfect for a great jazz show. The classic Art Deco style creates a cozy and welcoming vibe while giant windows overlooking Old Quebec add even more charm. Take a virtual tour!

Performances take place on Friday and Saturday evenings. For more information or to make a reservation, please contact us at 418-692-2480, 1-888-222-3304 or e-mail us.

Interested bands and performing artists please contact us by submitting a form through our website.

  • Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec
  • Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec
  • Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec


Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th
MARIE CLAIRE LINTEAU (Guitar and Voice Duo)
Cover : 8$


MARCH 2018

Friday March 2nd
JEANNE & CARL (Guitarr and voice Duo)
Cover : 8$

Saturday March 3rd
ANNABELLE DOUCET (Guitar, Voice and Drum Trio)
Cover : 10$

Friday March 9th and Saturday March 10th
REBEKA GIRARD (Piano and Voice Duo)
Cover : 8$

Friday March 16th and Saturday March 17th
WINGMEN (Guitar and Voice Duo)
Cover : 8$

Friday March 23rd and Saturday March 24th
ARIANE ROY (Piano and Voice Duo)
Cover : 8$

Friday March 30th and Saturday March 31st
DE SI BELLES (Vocal Quatuor)
Cover : 10$


AVRIL 2018

Friday April 6th
ALEX BLANCHET (Guitar and Voice Duo)
Cover : 8$

Saturday April 7th
ANNABELLE DOUCET (Guitar, Voice and Drums Trio)
Cover : 10$

Friday April 13th and Saturday April 16th
Cover : 8$

Friday April 20th and Saturday April 21st
DE SI BELLES (Vocal Quatuor)
Cover : 10$

Friday April 27th and Saturday April 28th
CARTE BLANCHE (Voice/Piano, Bass and Drums Trio)
Cover : 10$


FOR MORE INFORMATION: 1-888-222-3304

Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec

Marie-Claire Linteau

On February 23rd & 24th, come and relax with Marie-Claire Linteau (voice) and Clément Robichaud (piano). As a friendly duo, these two talents are offering you a ticket to their musical world!

Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec

Jeanne & Carl

This Friday March 2nd, you are invited to the show of Jeanne Laforest (voice) et Carl Mayotte (bass)! Those two music students will interpret some jazz scores with audacious flavors, for the pleasure of our clientele!

Rébèka Girard Duo - Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec

Rébèka Girard

On this March 9th and 10th, this Voice and Piano Duo (with Clément Robichaud) offers a repertoire tinted with smooth, delicate and elegant Jazz music in a "chic and glam" coating. 

Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec


On March 16th and 17th, be entertained by these two young men! Wingmen Duo (voice and guitar), will interpret some successes that will summon the crooner within yourself. We promised that you will leave under their spell!

Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec

De Si Belles

On March 30th and 31st, you will be refreshed by this young vocal Trio accompanied by Carl Mayotte (electric bass). These young women, winners of Cegep en Spectacle - Quebec region finale - knows how to entertain their public!

Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec

Annabelle Doucet

On Saturday April 7th, this young Voice, Guitar and Drum Trio led by Annabelle Doucet will warm-up the bar with jazz and blues sonorities! This is a rendez-vous you definitely can't miss!

Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec

François Rioux & Stéphanie Laliberté

On April 13th and 14th, François Rioux will set the tone with his amazing duo companion (Guitar and Voice) : featuring Stephanie Laliberté, on accomplished artist. Do not miss this performance, seats are limited!

Carte Blanche Trio - Clarendon Hotel, Vieux Quebec

Carte Blanche Trio

On April 27th and 28th, Carte Blanche Trio (Piano, Bass and Drums), starring Clément Robichaud and his band, perform a rich and complex repertory tinted with warm and elaborate latino influences.