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57, Rue Sainte-Anne, Québec QC G1R 3X4


An Hospitality Experience

Since 1870



Due to the COVID-19 situation affecting the tourism industry, the Hotel Clarendon will remain closed until a stabilization of the situation.

We thank everybody who have encouraged us during the last months, and we are looking forward to reopening and offer our legendary hospitality experience. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in a safer future!

The Clarendon Team

Centery-old peace haven

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Centery-old peace haven
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Logo Les Mordus

Les Mordus is the place to hang out around here, where the ambiance is relax and decontracted at the same time. Open everyday, morning, noon and night. Creativity, local flavours and a really detail-oriented service will leave you with a durable impression. 

On week-ends, we welcome couples, families or friends looking for a nice and original place for brunch. In the evening, we throw our weekly worries (and cellphones) away, hanging out with friends for a drink or two.

Restaurant Les Mordus